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January 30, 2007

Big Girl Bed

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On Saturday January 20, 2007 Mara slept for the first time in her big girl bed. Thanks Auntie Jen for providing the bed! We thought there might be some sleepless nights on the horizon but we were totally wrong and very happy for it. That day during naptime was her first chance to sleep in the big girl bed. She did really well and when I heard her start talking I went in to get her but she was already out of the bed and heading for the toys to play. Then we thought she might be a bed escaper now but we totally lucked out because that night and every time after atleast until this point she has never left the bed even for naps until we come to get her. You can see during set up of the bed she was really enjoying the bouncing on the bed. We even caught her mid air!

.IMG 0253

I think the transition has been an easy one. Maybe because only her bed changed and not her room. We decided instead to put the new baby boy in a different room instead of having her give up her space. We are in the process of giving her room a different and more “big girl” feel. You can see by the pictures we’ve added some wall decoration called candy wall arts in the pattern, Dots. She really likes them but I’m afraid one day I’ll walk into the room and she will have peeled them off the wall. So far so good.

IMG 0258

How did we end up with such a sweet, easy going and well adjusted child? Beats me, but we are praying hard for the second one to come out with a temperment as close to this as possible!!!

IMG 0257

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