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December 9, 2006

The Pool Is Cool

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The weather outside is getting cold, not to mention that it is just past September regardless and that means the outdoor pool is closed in the neighborhood. But that hasn’t stopped Mara from getting her swim on. A few weeks ago we began to venture back to the YMCA for some pool time and Mara was like a fish to water. Actually towards the end of the summer she was getting a little less fearless at our outdoor pool, choosing to cling a little more to Mom or Dad rather than walk around in the baby pool herself or hesitant to jump into our arms in the big pool. The break from the summer seems to have helped as she is a little more adventurous again. And you can tell she enjoys it. The day after the first time we went back to the pool, Mara pulled out her suit from the clothes basket and was trying to put it on! When I finally had to take it away she got a little upset. She really loves the water. The other aspect now is that since her communication is better, she is a much better observer of what other kids do. So you can tell her to mimic another child kicking or similar and she will oblige. It is making it easier to teach her skills. Pretty soon she will be a fish! Click through for a couple more pics.


Jumping In

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