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November 6, 2005

In Motion Mara….Almost!

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Mara loves playing on mom and dad’s bed. I think it’s because she is really trying to crawl and if she falls on her face it is very soft. She just loves it when we roll her over again and again. It makes her happy for some reason.

So far she sits up very well from the lying position, can scoot on the hardwoods using her bottom and her feet while in the sitting position, and will reach way over to grab anything she wants but still no full fledged crawling yet. The closest she comes to it is getting up on all fours like a crawl but only rocking when she gets in that position.

We did have to put her crib down to the lowest level a couple of weekends ago for fear that she would pull up and pop over the top one day because she’s excellent at standing and supporting her own weight when she wants to.

Mara on mom and dad's bed

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