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July 11, 2005

Dancing Queen…Well Princess

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Sometimes as a mother you become intoxicated by the smell of a fresh bathed baby, her soft skin or perhaps the gummy smiles she gives you but whatever it is you act silly due to it. Silly in love with Mara I mean. Here I am making her dance to a beat made up by me and doing moves choregraphed by me….who knows where all this came from but I was obviously delirious with joy to be “dancing” with her!

Mara Dance vid

Mara Dance Video

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  1. […] So many people liked Mara’s initial dance video, it seems like we needed a follow up. This is a little modification to a typical dance. Mara has become the regular mover and shaker while in a sitting position. Bouncing and rocking as can be seen in the last post. However, this past weekend she transferred this motion to the changing table which I found more than funny. I think I found it so funny because what she is trying to do she usually does in a sitting position. But since she is lying down all that actually moves is her belly. I don’t know, maybe I find it funnier than most will, but it cracks me up. Watch her little tummy scrunch and expand in this movie. She also has a patented noise that she makes, much like a laughing “huh” as in Beavis and Butthead’s “huh-huh.” You will also hear Dad make a vain attempt at the sound to provoke her to do her dance. […]

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