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November 7, 2005

Rock Around The Clock

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I hear that it is typical for babies to rock back and forth while in a sitting position once they learn to situp. I guess that it is a common step that babies do towards their progress of crawling. Well, Mara has taken it one step further. We have an ottoman in her room that we tend to sit her on sometimes to play with her books after we finish reading them to her. It’s just a nice space to place her with them while we sit in the rocking chair watching her. She has learned that she can get a pretty nice rhythm going if she rocks on it since the ottoman also has its own spring and rocking mechanism to it. In this video you will see Dad be a little risky and let her go for a minute to get some tape of the feat. In the middle you will see a transition because I think its a little better if she sits in the middle of the ottoman (and not fall forward on her head). Actually, I have seen her rock a little harder than this, but this was about as much as I could get her to do without having my hands free.

Mara Rocks vid
Mara Rocks Video

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