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Blogged under Videos by Luke on Saturday 12 November 2005 at 11:16 pm

Earlier this week Mom posted about Mara’s progress towards crawling. Now we get to bring you some video of what she has been up to. This was taken on Thursday. OK, so maybe it looks like I’m a little over the top with getting her to practice. I don’t know, do all parents do stuff like this? In reality it just seems that when I slap that pill bottle down on the bed it gets her attention. But when I watch the video myself it does look a little intense. Anyways, she is starting to get the motion, although you will still see her collapse to belly and not make it too far here. Progress is there though.

And yes, I did say pill bottle. One day I was looking for something manageable but safe for Mara to play with. In retrospect, “safe” becomes a matter of opinion. I do wonder if playing with this pill bottle (simply vitamin E capsules, by the way) will somehow give her an affinity towards them such that down the road she will pick up the wrong pill bottle and get in trouble with it. Oh well, I have heard that other people have given their youngins pill bottles as well so I don’t feel it can be too bad.

On to the show!

Practice Crawling Video
Practice Crawling Video
5.3 MB / Time 2:11

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