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January 21, 2007

Brother From Another Mother

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Last weekend we took a little trip down to Charlotte to visit some friends that we hadn’t seen in a little while. Little while isn’t an exaggeration either. The last time we had seen the King family there were only two and both Nadine and Steph were pregnant. A few months later, Lucas was born on February 19th and Mara was born on February 22nd.

KingJan07 6
KingJan07 13

So here they are, almost two years old before they get to meet each other. It was fun to watch them play together. They were a little timid at first, but soon they got used to it and were yelling “mine” at each other… just the way it should be. Most of the pictures we have are Luke and Mara in the toy room on Sunday morning. They had a blast.

KingJan07 5

Later Mara had the joy of spending some time with George and showering him with kisses. I’m not so sure she was ready for what was in store, as George can lay the slobber on pretty thick. Unfortunately we didn’t get any pics of Megan, but Mara really enjoyed seeing both doggies.

We hope that Luke, Darrin and Nadine will come for a visit to our neck of the woods soon. See more pictures by clicking through any of the ones shown.

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