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October 24, 2005

Good ‘Ole Cracker Barrel Fun

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Last night for dinner we ate at the local Cracker Barrel. For us the night turned out to be just a hoot! During our 10-15 minute wait for the table we sit Mara down on the floor in front of the ferret thingy that chases a ball. They had it all caged up so it wouldn’t make its way around the whole store floor. Just around the corner I spotted a random chicken hanging out. So I picked it up and sit it in front of Mara and the hilarity began to ensue. This chicken does the chicken dance and if you pick it up by the neck it will act as if you are choking it. Mara wanted to bite its beak and grab it. We had a store crowd going on at the scene. I would not be exaggerating to say at least 10 people. Everyone kept saying she was so cute and funny! The store manager and even workers were gathering. It was great fun but that was only the start.

Mara and chicken1

Mara and chicken

Mara going to bite chicken

After we sit down I decided to see what Mara would do with the lemon in my tea. She really seemed to like it at first and then these pictures we taken! She must’ve enjoyed it though because she kept grabbing for it.

Mara with lemon
Mara with lemon2
I’m putting this thing down!!!
Mara with lemon1
What can I say I’m a gluton for punishment. Hehe Haha

After dinner a family came up to us and said they had enjoyed watching her the whole time during dinner. She was such a show! That’s our girl!

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  1. I love watching little Mara! She is too funny….and her parents are crack-ups as well with their commentary.

    Thanks for the entertainment!


    Comment by jlesser — December 4, 2005 @ 10:40 pm

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