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October 18, 2005

Little Surprises

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Today after Mara’s last afternoon nap I open the door to walk in her room and she’s sitting up in her bed peering at me. Now how’d she get in this position I wonder. She has never gone from a lying position to a sitting one ever before. Well I guess this will remain a mystery because when I laid her down right after I walk in she didn’t do it again! All the surprises you find with a little one.

In case you didn’t know we actually have a baby from a small tribe in Africa. She only wants to communicate with a series of clicks generated by tongue flicking in her mouth. I think this originated over the weekend but Mara’s is constantly clicking her tongue in her mouth. It’s very funny! When she picks up a new skill she likes to practice it like mad.

Here are a couple of pictures of Mara while shopping with us at Costco a couple of weekends ago. She now rides in the buggy like a big girl. Even has her own buggy seat cover with toys for entertainment. However this day you can see we ended up buying some more entertainment for her. Have you noticed there are a lot of pictures of her on the website with books. She loves them. Even if it is just for the pictures as in this case. This book is all about Disney princesses and such. I think she enjoys the vibrant colors. What can we say…she’s just a smart girl. Of course we’re bias!

Costco Mara 1

Costco Mara

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