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March 17, 2007

Swim Fun

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As you well know from visiting the blog Mara is a huge fan of the water. If you say pool she’ll run to her chest of drawers and try to get her bathing suit. We headed to the pool just weekend before last with our little tadpole in tow and here are some of the photos of her splashing around. We also got a few shots right afterwards in the locker room getting cleaned up. She was worn out and ready for a nap. Usually on the way home from swimming we have a very hard time keeping her awake.
We are hoping that all this pool time will pay off with her somewhat able to swim/doggie paddle by our summer vacation. She already will kick, blow bubbles and put her face under with no problems. Usually she will do these things unsolicited too as if she’s showing off for us.
Click on the picture to see the all the photos!

IMG 0385

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