First Santa Visit of Christmas 2006 Season

Blogged under General by Steph on Sunday 10 December 2006 at 1:27 am

We went to Friendly Center Saturday, December 9th to test out how Mara would do around Santa this year. As you can tell from the pictures, not so good. It doesn’t help that she’s been under the weather for the last week and the nap before this visit wasn’t a good one.
They have a nice Christmas scene before you even walk in to see Santa which is where the some of the shots were taken. We took some before and after her visit with Santa.
Santa helped out by offering her his stuffed reindeer Rudolph to hold and when that didn’t work he broke out the jingle stick which amazed her for about one second before the crocodile tears started to pour again.
She will encounter Santa again Sunday at Parker’s 2nd birthday party but this one is a bit more familiar to her. We’ll keep ya posted on how it goes.
p.s. that thing around her neck is her “rabbit stole”, a cute and funny scarf to keep her warm this winter.
Remember to click on the picture to see the complete album of pictures.

IMG 0067

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