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August 27, 2005

Playtime With New Toys

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Based on Mara’s lack of attention span with the toys she has used from when she was born, we proceeded to break out some toys that had been lying dormant until she was older. One of them was a tower that lights up when “assembled” and I think its called dance dance tower or something. Anyways, she seems to like it quite a bit, although she is unable to really work it yet the way it is supposed to be worked. Within the last couple of weeks or so sitting up for her is the biggest thing going. It helps too, because she can sit and handle toys more easily this way compared to her lying on her back which was the most common position up to this point. This position is a little more independent. The video from today shows what she has been up to lately during playtime. More videos to come so stay tuned.

Playtime Tower Video
Playtime Tower Video
12.5 MB / Time 4:54

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