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September 24, 2005

Ahhhh Mara Look So Funny

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Last night we went to a local restaurant called Pastabilities. Great little place. Mara was having a good time sitting in a high chair like a big girl. She had a bottle at home, but while Mom and Dad waited for food she had some baby food. When the food came she had a little of what Mom and Dad were eating, Mom with Shrimp Sho Nuf and Dad with The Big Easy. Dad’s was a little spicy. The sign was that Mara’s eyes started to get a little watery when she tried it. Mom had some shrimp in hers and Mara loved it. One funny thing, now that she eats table food, she always gives a little grimmace if you follow it up with some baby food.

Even while eating she likes to keep her hands active by banging on the table or picking up things off the table. You have to be aware of the “Mara Exclusion Zone” when eating with her. After Mom and Dad polished off the bread, Mara began to eat the bread basket. Here she is using the bread basket as a hat….. no, Dad put it there, but she enjoyed it!

Bread Basket On Head

More won ton soup please

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