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September 27, 2005

Tummy Time At Nighttime

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We’ve made a recent interesting discovery with Mara. Lately when going in to get her in the morning from a nights sleep we have found her on her stomach. For this story, I guess that it helps to know that since birth Mara has always slept on her back, or at best on her side (her left is her favorite), so finding her on her stomach in the mornings provided some mystery. Was she rolling over in the morning then getting frustrated on her stomach and calling out for us to get her, or had she been secretly converting to a tummy sleeper during the night? Some nights when putting her down we would hear more than the usual whines, normally growing to a full out cry, then finding her on her stomach before falling asleep. Her crying made sense because she has never liked tummy time really. We would just turn her onto her back again to fall asleep. That set us on an experiment to see what the true answer was. Last night after being in the bed for a couple hours, Dad snuck in the room to see that Mara was sleeping on her stomach! We’re not sure if this is an every time occurance, but it seems that she enjoys sleeping either way now. One step closer to crawling it seems.

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