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August 21, 2006

Didn’t We Say Influencing The World?

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Mom and Dad have been doing this little web thing for Mara for a little over a year now. When we started we didn’t know what it would turn into. Actually we are still learning. What we have found is that this is a great tool for letting people know what is going on with Mara on a regular basis even though the people can be all over the country. This past weekend we made a discovery that after some time of it not being the case, now Mara is number one on Google if you search for her name. You can check it a couple of different ways and it will work. You can go and type it into the engine yourself or just click below for a sample.

Mara Evans
“Mara Evans”

For curiosity, here are some other engines.

Yahoo: Mara Evans at number two or “Mara Evans” at number five
Ask: Mara Evans at number seven or “Mara Evans” at number six

She’s getting popular. Don’t miss what she’s about to do next!

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