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January 2, 2007

A Visit to Heaven Here on Earth for Little Ones…

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Chucky Cheese!!! Mara had a great time on our last day of 2006 since it was spent visiting Chucky Cheese for the very first time. They actually had quite a few things that an almost 2 year old can do as you can see by the pictures. I think her favorite was the Bob the Builder ride because she kept saying, “again” everytime the ride came to a halt. I think she rode it a total of 5 times that night.
As a side note Luke said he thinks the pizza they serve is better now than he remembered as a child. We are grooming a pro air hockey player as you will see in the pictures by the way.
Check out how she gradually warmed up to Chucky when she was sitting next to him in the car.

IMG 0210

Maybe if I don’t look directly at him he won’t notice me

IMG 0211

My my what big ears you have

IMG 0212

I guess I could put my arm around you

IMG 0213

I really do like you after all

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