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May 16, 2007

Maybe this little fella is OK after all

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Today for the first time Mara asked if she could hold Campbell. This morning while we were getting her dressed for school is when she asked. Her brother was hanging out in her pink bean bag chair. I told her she could sit on the bean bag and I’d put him in her lap. She was very sweet with him. Kissing him and holding his hand. We compared her feet and hands to his and she was entertained by how little his were compared to hers. I guess this really makes her feel like a “big sister”. So entertained in fact that when I asked if she was ready to go downstairs to eat breakfast she said, “no”. This is totally unlike her because she loves breakfast and it is by far the meal in which she eats the most. This isn’t necessarily the first time she has been sweet. She usually says, “Goodnight Campbell” once we are done reading her books at night before being tucked in to sleep. This would be the first time she proactively wanted to hold him though. Here are some sweet shots I got of the two of them hanging out together.

IMG 0680

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