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October 15, 2008

Where is RITchie?

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Although we didn’t get a chance to see RITchie (what… you don’t know who RITchie is?), the kids had a good time visiting Dad’s old stomping grounds up in Rochacha, Rochester, NY. It was alumni weekend and the last time there were no kids in the mix, and now there are.

RITalumni 08 F47

Mara and Campbell really did an excellent job on the plane ride up. Pat and Ort were excellent hosts and the kids settled in nicely. The first day it was a trip to Strong Museum where the kids had a blast. They got to see Curious George and really got a kick out of that.

RITalumni 08 F13

He’s so big!

The museum was extremely large and there really was no way for us to get through it all. We had to leave in the early afternoon because the kids were getting tired. However, that didn’t stop them from riding the carousel, seeing some fish, visiting Sesame Street, and seeing the butterfly exhibit.

RITalumni 08 F04RITalumni 08 F08RITalumni 08 F35RITalumni 08 F26

The next day there was a lot of relaxing at the house in the morning. Campbell woke up at 4:30am! Later in the afternoon was the lacrosse game on campus and the kids got to see Dad play for the first time. Now they have some idea what those sticks are for in the garage, and why Dad tries to get them to pick them up and toss the ball around. Afterward, Mara said that she wants to play lacrosse. Lets see what she does.

RITalumni 08 Sa34

RIT’s number one fan.

RITalumni 08 Sa15

Wow! The turf does wonders for dance moves.

As always, click through any of the pictures or thumbnails to get to the full album. There are over 100 pics in there!

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  1. Thanks so much for sharing the pictures! We really enjoyed having all of you here–gave us a chance to experience surrogate grandparenting! We hope that you’ll come back soon Pat & Orton

    Comment by Begner — October 17, 2008 @ 10:16 am

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