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January 19, 2010

Skating For The First Time

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Just this past Saturday Mom came up with the idea that we should take the kids ice skating. They were really excited and had been anticipating it for a couple of days. When we got to the rink that day we were surprised to see that the parking lot was full and the place was really crowded. Luckily inside and on the rink was not as bad as it possibly could have been given the numbers of cars outside. We were also lucky that they had the right sizes for all of us to wear skates. The sign on the window coming in said they were out of many of the common sizes. We made it work.

Mara was REALLY enjoying herself on the ice. Even at times where she was beginning to fall she found it fun. Of course, she was being held up the whole time so she wasn’t really falling all the way to the ice. So swinging around wildly around daddy was a good time.

FirstSkate 10

Having lots of fun on the ice.

Campbell on the other hand wasn’t having quite as good a time. It was great that he had no hesitation to getting out on the ice and no fear at all. It was just that the whole thing wore off for him a little sooner than his sister. He got tired a little faster too. However, we were impressed with how much he did.

FirstSkate 02

I’m skating!

We think this is going to be an activity we will go back to do again.

FirstSkate 05

Umm, hope he doesn’t fall down.

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