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September 13, 2005

Been Off To The Beach

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We did it again. We’ve stayed away from the blog a little while, sorry. We were off to the beach for a few days and away from the computer. To extend the issue, Dad went off on business right after the Sunday return and is only now able to get away for a moment to get a post up. Believe it or not this post is coordinated between Mom at home (uploading the pictures) and Dad in Helsinki, Finland (typing the post).

Anyways, this past weekend Mara got to travel to Emerald Isle for her second visit to the ocean. She was actually at the ocean one other time back on Memorial Day. This was a little more experiential since she is now older. We can also put sunscreen on her so that means a little more sun exposure is OK. We stayed with two other families, one with 3 boys (Anton, Viktor, and Max) and one with 2 boys (Aidan and Pierce) so Mara was the only girl there. She held her own though. It was fun to see them all “playing” together and it was good because Mara doesn’t necessarily get to do that too often. She enjoyed watching all the boys and the attention she got.

We got a bunch of pictures so we created a separate album for them and posted what we could. There are a few teaser pictures below, but click on any of them to be taken to the full album. We should also be able to post some video next week of the trip, but it is limited. The day we were going to take the beach footage was the day that Ophelia decided to make her presence known. She didn’t hit while we were there but she kicked up the surf and wind a notch by Saturday enough to keep Mara off the beach.


First time touching seawater


Me in my sassy suit and hat…. stylin’


Mom and me in the ocean… who knew waves hurt?


  1. […] So even our first day at the resort was quite eventful. We didn’t want to waste any time, so once we got in the room we got everyone dressed to go back outside and head to the beach for a walk around. This isn’t Mara’s first time to the beach, but she sure acted like it was. As soon as we put her feet to the sand she reacted like it was absolutely foreign. We had to pick her up for fear of having a meltdown on our hands. We carried her to the ocean’s edge, where we found that the waves were relatively high or at least beyond what we were expecting. It would have been nice except for the fact that Mara is so small. In fact we didn’t return to the water’s edge really for the rest of the trip since it wasn’t quite as manageable as the pool. […]

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