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May 25, 2006

Ewwwww Sand

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So even our first day at the resort was quite eventful. We didn’t want to waste any time, so once we got in the room we got everyone dressed to go back outside and head to the beach for a walk around. This isn’t Mara’s first time to the beach, but she sure acted like it was. As soon as we put her feet to the sand she reacted like it was absolutely foreign. We had to pick her up for fear of having a meltdown on our hands. We carried her to the ocean’s edge, where we found that the waves were relatively high or at least beyond what we were expecting. It would have been nice except for the fact that Mara is so small. In fact we didn’t return to the water’s edge really for the rest of the trip since it wasn’t quite as manageable as the pool.

But besides that after a few dips of the feet in the water and a little wading in the waves with her feet getting buried, Mara turned into a believer. No more worries about the icky sand between her toes. She was loving it!
DomRep06 10

We got the opportunity to get the first pic of Mom and Mara on the trip. Daddy’s two beautiful ladies!
DomRep06 13

Mara also made her first spanish speaking friend. As we were on the beach all I heard from behind me was “American, american” and I turned to see “Kevey” from the sports group at the resort. To be honest I still have no idea why he called me over to introduce himself (he was in the middle of a conversation with another couple in another language, sitting between them on a beach chair… awkward). He failed to talk to us the rest of the trip when he saw us. It must have been Mara’s cute little face! He couldn’t resist puckering up!
DomRep06 14

Click through to see more pictures from our first day posted to the album.

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