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April 9, 2008

The Perfect Purse

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Mara was getting crafty again last week. Grandma had gotten her a purse for her birthday and had put a Michaels giftcard inside for her to go spend. Lisa took Mara over to the store the other week for her to get whatever she wanted to put on her purse.

Now, Mara liked the purse as it was, with it plain. But after they were done with it, it was quite a sight to see. And she likes it even more.

Purse 05

Doesn’t it look fancy?

Her favorite thing to do with it is to carry some of her smaller buddies around in it. You can see who is hiding in the purse in the second video below. (WARNING, the videos are large)

Purse1 Video
Purse1 Video

241 MB / Time 2:12

Purse2 Video
Purse2 Video

147 MB / Time 1:18

December 5, 2007

It’s Crafts Time

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As the holiday approaches, Mara has been busy preparing. Lisa is great for getting Mara to do some crafts. She indicates that Mara’s top request during the day is “let’s make something.” I am always surprised at the ideas that Lisa comes up with.

Last week she took the kids to the mall for Ladybug Club, which is a monthly event they put on. The event is different every time. This month, in addition to other things, they gave away a kit to make a snowman card. Guess which one is Mara’s.

XmasCrafts07 01

Proud Artist

This past weekend Mom went up to Richmond to go to an event called Bizarre Bazaar where they have different vendors. There Mom got Mara and Campbell both a mini Christmas Tree. Just yesterday Mara and Lisa decorated hers.

XmasCrafts07 03

Here Are The Finished Products

If you click through you can see a couple of other pictures.

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